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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Are there any gay baths or sex clubs in Las Vegas? Reviews from customers indicate both are "fair" at best.  The type of clientele is merely a luck of the draw, depending on who should visit at any given time. 

Warning:  Based on past incidents, these establishments are not free from Vice Police raids.

Hawks Gym, a sex club, located on the east side of Commercial Center, just south of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center at 953 E. Sahara Avenue Suite 102

2 Are there gay or gay-friendly personal trainers and gyms/health clubs in Las Vegas? Mark Lani of is a highly recommended, friendly, no attitude, non-intimidating, supportive, knowledgeable fitness trainer. (702) 243-2661

Las Vegas Athletic Clubs and 24 hour fitness have several locations throughout the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

3 Are there any Male Strip Clubs in Las Vegas? There are no gay-oriented male strip clubs in Las Vegas; although, some of the bars have boys who partially strip on some nights.  None of the strippers are totally nude.

4 Is prostitution legal in Nevada? Yes, but only in the rural counties. Clark County (Las Vegas) and Washoe County (Reno) do not have legalized prostitution. The nearest house of prostitution is approximately 70 miles away in neighboring Nye County. There are no Gay houses of prostitution in Nevada.

5 Are there any Gay escort services available? Two escorts with very good reputations are Damon Wolf and Mario Roma

6 Are Gay marriages legal in Nevada? Marriages and civil unions are not legally recognized in Nevada.  Now for the good news, for Gay and Lesbian Marriage (Union) licenses, contact Lori at Cost is $35.00 and in the Rabbi's words, quite lovely parchment paper and in color. Also, according to the rabbi, Bally's Celebration Chapel , has been very nice about doing unions. 702-892-2222 or 800-872-1211 Ask for Nicole. 

The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel at 1205 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, (702) 384-0771 (800) 574-4450 is gay-owned and operated.

A Royal Wedding Chapel, 2901 Las Vegas Blvd. South 702-236-8728 or 800-242-7322, 702-270-6876 Fax also performs commitment ceremonies.

Remember the most cherished moment of your lives with a recorded video.  A full service production company specializing in wedding documentaries, Document Event Videography is wedding videography boutique serving all your videography needs with you and your partner in mind. Your personal filmmaker, is a classically-trained, award-winning documentarian and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film.

7 Where are the Cruisy Areas? Warning:  The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Vice Squad is diligent in knowing locations where lewd and lascivious behavior occurs.  If you know about a cruisy place, chances are very good so does vice.  It has been said that entrapment and less than honest techniques have transpired to apprehend potential suspects.  An anonymous encounter may not be worth the risk of spending time in jail.

The local gay community encourages meeting people through safer locations such as gay-owned/friendly businesses. The Fruit Loop is a large group of gay business' located one block south of the Hard Rock on Paradise Rd. between Harmon and Tropicana simply moments from the strip.

8 Are there any nude beaches near Las Vegas? Las Vegas had a nude gay beach at Lake Mead. It was popular on summertime weekends. The water level at Lake Mead is currently 80 feet below 1998 levels.  Because of this, the location of what was the beach is now in the middle of a ridge line a couple miles from the water.  From reports, mostly straight families have taken over the area.  The beach is no longer very popular with the gay community these days.  We highly recommend alternate activities.

Directions are: Head east on Lake Mead Blvd. out of North Las Vegas, continue past Hollywood Blvd. and wind through the desert several miles to the stop sign. Turn left and head north toward Overton and Calville Bay. 4.8 miles later (clock it or get lost) turn right onto 8.0 Road. Veer left at every fork in the road. Park in the lot overlooking the lake and hike north for about 5 minutes, into a little ravine and over a narrow trail.  Advice to the wise:  Keep your clothes on until you get there.  Park rangers have been known to occasionally cite for "Lewd and Lascivious behavior", carrying a $200 fine. WARNING: The rangers are likely to be out in plain-clothes issuing tickets for nudity lately. BE CAREFUL! 

9 What bars/clubs are good? Everyone has different ideas of what is "good."  The  Nightlife page of lists all of the clubs that are open as of the date of this writing.  The gay clubs in Las Vegas are for the most part neighborhood bars with their own personalities.  You're invited to view the club listings on the Nightlife page to determine which club suits your tastes.

With the exceptions as noted on the Nightlife page, Most gay clubs in Las Vegas become popular after 11:00 pm.  There is no "last call" in Las Vegas. Some clubs are open until dawn, others 24 hours.

10 Are there bars which cater to Women?

Are there bars which cater to TS/TV/CD's?

Are there bars which cater to Asians/Latinos/Blacks?

The make up of bar customers is generally diverse. There are some exceptions.

The Las Vegas Lounge is Las Vegas' exclusive Transgender Bar. Shows and  T-dancers on Monday through Friday Please call (702) 737-9350 for more information and let them know where you found the information.

While there are no racially-oriented gay clubs in Las Vegas, the Backdoor Lounge is very popular with Latinos during weekends.

11 Are there any gay hotels, casinos or resorts?

I have heard rumors of a gay hotel opening soon, Do you have any information on this?

Are there any that are more gay friendly?

Please keep this in mind: The Casino business is all about Money!

There are no gay casinos, in Las Vegas.  The Las Vegas gaming industry is very competitive. Hotels are in a constant state of renovation, spending billions of dollars constructing every theme or attraction in order to draw more and more visitors through their doors. Hotels, casinos, and resorts must make themselves available and attractive to every market niche. Eliminating 90% of a potential market, i.e. the straight visitors, would be financial suicide. 

The Blue Moon Resort, Las Vegas Premier Gay Resort.

Please check the accommodations page for further information on gay-owned and gay-friendly places to stay.

12 Can you provide any information on possible employment in Las Vegas? Nevada labor laws regarding employment information are very specific. While our intention is to give a broad spectrum of useful information to visitors and the local gay community, is not an employment service. Instead, check some of the employment agencies listed in the Las Vegas telephone book or check out the local classified ads in the Las Vegas Review Journal/Sun

13 I will be visiting Las Vegas and am looking for a friend while I am there. Interested?

Also, where can I connect with men/women in Las Vegas?

This has to be the second most asked question. There are several gay/lesbian clubs in Las Vegas.  Each has it's own personality.  They are all of which are listed on the nightlife page.

Also, check the chat rooms and America On Line Las Vegas m4m chat rooms located in the town square and romance categories. These are very popular with gay men on line.

14 Are there any gay neighborhoods in Las Vegas? It seems like we are spread out all over the valley.  There is no actual gay ghetto/neighborhood. The three nicest master-planned communities, The Lakes, Anthem, 7 Hills, Green Valley and Summerlin, seem to be very popular with the gay community.  Additionally, the older central area of the city south of Charleston Boulevard and East of Las Vegas Boulevard has become popular as well.

15 I am considering relocating to Las Vegas. Which areas are best and which areas should I avoid? Home selection is much more complicated than you would think. Please click here.

16 Is there an apartment locating service in Las Vegas? A free and popular guide is "Apartments for Rent"  It can be found in most grocery and convenience stores.

17 Besides Bars, where are good places to meet other gay people? There are several great social, political and fraternal organizations to meet other gay, lesbian, and bi, people. Some of these include my favorite, Nevada Outdoors, and others listed on the resources page.

18 Are there any under 21 clubs in Las Vegas?

 There are no under-21 GLBT clubs in Las Vegas.  As it is said throughout this website, Las Vegas i.e. Sincity, is all about the money.  Several businesses have catered to under-21 clients; however, without sufficient income from alcohol sales the businesses were not successful and closed within a brief time of opening.

19 Is there a GBLT-friendly limo service in Las Vegas? Las Vegas Transportation has offered its services to the community.  Click here for more information:

20 What is the age of consent in the State of Nevada? According to Nevada Revised Statutes, the age of consent for opposite-sex relations in Nevada is 16 while the age of consent for same-sex relations is 18.

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